New beginnings can stir us into action or render us completely paralyzed depending on the effort and decisions it calls for. The beginning of a weekcomes with its own saccharine promises& luminous optimisms, but it’s riddled with unpleasant surprises, onerous tasks and an insane amount of decision making especially on a Monday Morning.

Believe it or not, an average adult is consciously taking about 35,000 decisions every day! Mockingly, we take immense pride in digging our own graves by becominga DIY generation, tending to more things than ever. The truth is with lots of social obligations, professional commitments,household chores, personal responsibilities, family obligations; we are biting off more than we could chew. Sadly the strain of this over- resourceful behavior shows up on Monday mornings.

The Monday morning madness can leave even most resolute of us begging for mercy! Here are a fewreminders that can offer you a little more control and prepare you for a victorious weekly rally.

1.    Review, plan and attack.

Inculcating the habit of reviewing has been found to be one of the toughest habits in these times of instant gratification. Studying the week gone by, assimilating learnings & then planning for the week ahead equips us with the tailwind required for swift flight to achieve our goals. Jotting down the essentials and the less-essentials for the week,eases the burden of deciding between the important vs the urgent.

2.    Kill the excess.

Weekends are the perfect excuses to indulge in our favorite feasts, drinks & savories to celebrate who we are. The sad truth is that the after-effects of such reveling are mostly reflected on Monday mornings.  Moderatingyour weekend adventures to Friday or Saturday nights provides the required cushion for your body to function at its optimal on Monday mornings.

3.    Eliminate distractions.

The lure of free time proves to be more fatal, when one is surrounded by on-demand entertainment that comes in the form of e-books, television series, movies, games, mindless browsinget al. These addictions are irresistibly seductive and can rob you of your precious time on a Sunday night. Consciously guard your time during moments of least defense.

4.    Sleep and succeed.

Sleep has become one of the most undervalued commodities of our times when it has the power to unlock our greatest potential& restore balance to our disharmonious schedules.Bragging about one’s sleep deficit has become a religion for most. Don’t get swayed by these false claims. Schedule time to sleep.

5.    Sort out the small things.

Mornings are too precious for trifling tasks. Your choice of formal clothing & accessories, domestic labor division, vehicle maintenance, podcasts for the office commute and all the bells & whistles that have a direct bearing on our morning routine,must be carefully scrutinized and laid out during leaner times.The feeling of being sorted on a Sunday evening can be priceless.

6.    Re-think domestic doom.

Domestic drama can put us in a state of silent overwhelm. Our homes are never as perfect as we want them to be. It’s an unappeasable beast with an insatiable appetite for our attention. Break out of this doom& compulsively self-defeating behaviors, by sticking to the bare essentials. Opt for an operational house over a perfect one. After all, none of us are aiming for the covers of the Good Housekeeping.

7.    Do Less- Be More.

The concept of finiteness is lost upon a world that’s running behind aninfinite existence. Human beings have a limited reservoir of energy and an even lesser amount of discipline to be exerted on activities and pursuits of our calling. Concentrating on less will provide the required quiet and calm, for us to be great and excel at activities that truly matter.


Finally, the best laid plans have a tendency to go awry especially on a Monday morning. On such days,march to your own beats and keep going!