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1. Unconditional Acceptance of Conditions

By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions as laid out on this page. Furthermore, you confirm that you understand what all the listed terms imply and accept that these conditions may be changed without any prior notice and at any time.

New2Canada is a platform that allows vendors to sell their merchandise and service. N2C will not be subject to litigation under any circumstances, and does not bear any responsibility towards the outcomes of your buying experience.

2. Content Hosted by N2C

N2C is free from any responsibility related to the content. The sole responsibility of the content is held by the originator of the content. We do try our best to moderate all listings, but this does not put the responsibility on our organization for any offensive, inaccurate, misleading, indecent or otherwise objectionable content in any capacity.

The links and external pathways exhibited by the various ads are in no way an endorsement from N2C and we bear no responsibility for authenticity of any and all external links. The external links refer to any page that is not owned/managed by N2C. We would not be responsible for any loss/damage of any kind stemming from content hosted on our website in any capacity.

While we don’t pre-screen any content, we reserve the right to decide what may/may not be allowed to stay. We can delete/remove/move/modify the content uploaded by any users, at our sole discretion and without prior notice.You agree to bear responsibility or liability due to the deletion of your classifieds.

N2C establishes the limit of the duration of use of this service, meaning any content may be removed after a certain time. The maximum number of postings, the size of classified and all other related attributes are to be left at the sole discretion of N2C

3. 3rd Party Sites & Services

N2C may have external links to directories, services, servers systems and other pages that are not managed by our organization. We bear no responsibility for the content or otherwise for the dealings/workings of those third party entities.

You are solely responsible for all dealings, including delivery of goods and warranties by third parties. Both online and offline transactions are in the domain of buyer/seller and N2C will not get involved in any conflict resolution. We bear no responsibility of any sort resulting from your dealings

4. Infringements

 If you come across any content that has been copied or violates any of the terms or condition on this page, or content that is offensive or is unacceptable in any way, you may notify N2C’s agents. The notice to be provided should identify the content hosted by the N2C with details including the link and a statement stating the reason behind the infringement and a declaration under the acts of perjury that the content of your report is accurate and/or you are the copyright owner and/or authorized to act on behalf of the owner.The report submitted should have your contact details including your phone number, email address and your home address. This report should be signed either electronically or physically by the reporter.

N2Cs will remove the infringed posting(s), subject to the procedures outlined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

5. Anti-Spam Policy

Use of N2Cs IT framework for delivery of unauthorized advertisements to any online/offline location is hereby forbidden and is a clear violation of T&Cs. Failure to comply may result in civil/criminal litigation or penalties as under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

6. Paid Classifieds

Some adverts are paid for by the advertiser. This fee is to be paid to N2C upon request, but this does not mean any responsibility regarding the content would reside on N2C. All fees are non-refundable in case the content is removed due to abreach of contract or T&Cs. N2C reserves all rights to selection and entertainment of paid advert requests.

7. Access to Service & Termination

Upon sign up, N2C allows you a temporary, limited, non-exclusive and revocable license to access the service for personal use. This access does not allow you any rights over the published content meaning you bear full responsibility for legal action if you copy, duplicate or steal any displayed information for any purpose. Use of bots, automated software, spiders and other data gathering tools is expressly forbiddenfor any purpose unless the algorithm is operated and managed by a permissible search engine.

N2C has complete autonomy over the termination of any account without any prior notice and at the discretion of N2C. This includes the rights to delete, deactivate, block or completely terminate your access at any point. N2C would not be liable to you or any other 3rd party for actions taken by N2C in thespirit of these T&Cs and in theendeavor of theprovision of excellent customer service.

8. Proprietary Rights

All copyright laws/regulations and international laws/rules apply to the content on N2C. Any use of content hosted on the site is not to be used for any purpose without express permission from the legal owner of the content and/or N2C.

The development tools including the source code remain the exclusive properties of N2C and you agree never to endeavor to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit N2Cs assets/properties for any personal/commercial purposes. Any and all aspects of the service remain under control and management of N2C and are not to be accessed for any purpose.

Failure to comply could result in legal action taken against theoffender(s).Although N2C bears no claim of ownership of the content and does not bear any related responsibility of the content. However, by uploading any said content, you give express permission to N2C for the use of the content in any manner required and seen fit by N2C. The content may be used for marketing, advertisements, banners and for the creation of any other derivative works. In addition to this, by uploading your content in any permissible format, you willingly give rights to N2C for theprohibition of aggregation, copying, reproduction or exploitation of the content on the web page by any party and for any purpose, unless an express written permission is issued by N2C upon request.

9. Warranty Disclaimer

N2C bears no responsibility for warranties used by the vendors within the classified. Warranties and assurances are given at the sole discretion and responsibility of the vendor and hence the buyer remains responsible for any and all transactions. Terms such as “As seen on” and/or “As Available” and any other marketing terminology used as an assurance to the buyer are fully disclaimed by N2C. In cases where the permission to disclaim the warranties does not lie with N2C such as in the case a well-known vendor is providing an implicit warranty, the foregoing disclaimers do not apply to those products but the responsibility of fulfillment of those implied warranties lies with the vendor and the customer. Hence, N2C reserves its right to not be involved in any dispute resolution.

10. Limited Liability

No liability whatsoever falls on N2C resulting from any harm/loss/damage to any person orproperty due to the use of N2C’s services or any other related function.

Any losses being incurred by any user due to the interruption, modification, suspension, alteration and/or termination of the site or any associated service shall also be the responsibility of the user and under no circumstances will N2C be held responsible. No legal action is applicable against N2C even if the harm/loss/damage resulted was pre-communicated.
Users bear full responsibility in all and every aspect of service use and associated features, and responsibilities pertaining to the outcomes of the use of service and hence through the use of this service you waive your right to take legal action against N2C and/or involve a 3rd Party in any capacity for legal action against N2C.

Places and jurisdictions where the limitation of liability is not permitted, the foregoing limitations would apply to the guarantor and the user, freeing N2C from all responsibility.

11. Indemnity

N2C, its subsidiaries, affiliates, successors, directors,  agents, officers, service providers, suppliers, and/or employees are free from any indemnification including but not limited to making any claims, demands, including any/all court/legal fees, made by the user or any 3rd party arising from the content hosted on any region of the website.

The user is solely responsible along with any other involved parties for any legal action that may be taken due to violation of laws/regulations.

12. Violation of Terms & Liquidated Damages

All users are advised to report any content/advert by contacting us through any means available. We reserve the right to act on the reported content or not, at the sole discretion of N2C. In case aviolation of terms occurs, N2C shall have every legal right to the full extent of the law to pursue damages through legal action. The damages are often hard to quantify and hence any approximation may be used and would be acceptable to the user.

Some of the breaches of Terms include posting/sharing content that is an impersonation of another business/entity, miss-represents your business/product offering and/or content that includes the personal information for another individual that may be used for identification/miss-use. A fine of [Five Hundred dollars] (500$) for each post violating the terms would be incurred by the content’s originator. The exception to this is the lawful non-deceptive and permissible parody of celebrities.

The frequency of adverts sharing is established by N2C and breach of the defined limits would result in [One Hundred dollars] (100$) fine for every extra listing.

Every unsolicited email advertisement shared to an N2C email address or through N2C’s IT framework or through any unofficial means would incur a penalty of [One hundred dollars] (100$)

Every post that violates the T&Cs would be fined [Two hundred fifty dollars] (250$), plus other liquidated damage that your post may have caused.

Copying, duplicating, reproducing, or exploiting the content hosted by N2C without exclusive written permission by N2C would result in a fine of  [Three thousand dollars]  (3000$), which would be payable by the offender along with any other legal charges that the litigation may occur.

A collection of personal data for any commercial/unlawful purpose and/or making any unofficial/unsolicited contact with any person(s) without N2C’s exclusive permission would result in a fine of [Three thousand dollars] (3000$) payable by the offender.

13. Conduct

You agree not to post, email, or otherwise upload content that is harmful, racist, indecent, illegal or objectionable in any way. The content you generate should be widely accepted and should not harass, intimidate and/or spread hate against any group(s) of people.

Content must never misrepresent, deceive, or follow the ‘bait & Switch’ approach to hamper the customer experience.

Content that contains or has ‘link referral code’, ‘junk mail’, ‘spam’, ‘affiliate marketing’, ‘chain letters’, ‘unsolicited commercial adverts’, and/or ‘pyramid schemes’ is expressly forbidden and may lead to content deletion and/or reporting to the authorities depending on the perceived risk of content and at the sole discretion of N2C.

Illegal services and/or sale of any product which is prohibited/illegal or considered unethical by the masses and/or content which has viruses or any other malicious computer code is not allowed to be hosted and might result in legal action against the offender.

Using any computer code that automates the process of advert posting to the N2Cs site without the information being manually entered is not allowed and deemed illegal unless a written permission is granted by N2C. Furthermore, any code used to hamper N2C’s operations and/or removal of competitors listings through the use of ‘flagging tool’ and/or other malicious codes will result in legal action.

All legal action resulting from abreach of contract would incur liquidated costs that are to be paid for by the offender. The right to litigation is always reserved by N2C.

14. Feedback

N2C welcomes your questions and feedback. Get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share the concerns you may have about any part of our terms and conditions.